Pratt Financial Services Limited


At Pratt Financial Services’ we are able to offer you a range of Life Insurance Policies, being independent means we have access to the best products and most competitive prices in the market place.

Family Protection
Life Cover
Having a Life Assurance policy in place gives you the reassurance and peace of mind that in the event of your death your family will be looked after, the proceeds of a life cover policy can help with some or all of the following:
• Financial Security for your Spouse/Dependents
• Help with outstanding Debts
• Other Commitments


Serious Illness
We can also provide you with Serious Illness cover either in conjunction with life cover or on a standalone basis, this cover pays a lump sum to you, should you be diagnosed with a Serious Illness during the term of your policy. Serious Illness cover can prove very valuable, as according to Irish Life Claims in 2011 ‘You are 4 times more likely to suffer a Serious Illness before the age of 65, than to die’

Mortgage Protection
A Mortgage Protection Plan is designed to pay off the outstanding balance on your mortgage in the event of death. The level of cover reduces during the term of the plan to reflect the outstanding balance on your mortgage.

Income Protection
Permanent Health Insurance
Income Protection provides a replacement income until you return to work, should you be unable to work due to illness, accident or disability. Tax Relief is available on the monthly premiums. For those of you who are self- employed, you will not receive any State Disability Benefit if you are out of work.

At Pratt Financial Services Ltd, we are also able advice on a wide range of your Business Protection needs such as Shareholder Protection, Co Directors, inheritance tax planning etc.