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With 46% of the working population without any form of pension and life expectancy continuing to improve, it is vital that we start to consider our income in retirement.
Many will have just the state pension to live on which is the equivalent to about €12,000 per year and will find it challenging to purchase even the basics like food, clothes, light and heat.

Pension Provision is one of the most complex areas of financial planning. With the variety of schemes available and to ensure that tax relief is maximised we recommend talking to one of Financial Advisors to discuss the most suitable option for you.


Self Employed
At Pratt Financial Services, we can offer a broad range of options in this area from Personal Pension Plans, PRSA’s to Self-Directed options. We provide our clients with annual updates of their pensions and offer our clients on-going advice regarding their fund choice etc.

Company Schemes
We can offer advice to employers in organising and operating schemes for their directors and employees. We will also be able to provide on-going support and advisory services to ensure smooth operation of the arrangement. We are on hand to meet with the scheme members and offer guidance on fund selection, risk etc. We can also provide solutions and advice regarding Director Pension Plans and continually be on hand to offer advice on funding requirements, investment funds etc.

Group Risk Schemes
We can provide employers support in setting up Group Risk Scheme to provide death in service/spouses pension schemes. At Pratt Financial Services we will search the market to obtain, the most suitable and competitive cover. We will annually monitor the market place to ensure you continue to receive the best value.